“The average attention span in 2012 was 8 seconds”

That means you have only a few seconds to grab a customer’s attention. It’s all about first impressions and fast impressions. As soon as they click on your website or come into your store they want to know what you do, and how you do it. You need to keep options simple.

Paradox of choice

Too many options can overwhelm a customer. If you are offering too many products or services the customer can not grasp what your business is really about. Again, you only have so long to keep their attention. If those few seconds are spent on trying to figure out what you really are offering than you will not convert that customer into a sale. That is why Less is More. A clear defined product, in a clear defined industry will keep them interested.

Sometimes this can be a hard fact to swallow. You want to offer everything you can. You want to capitalize on every opportunity you can. It’s great to have options, but when those options take a completely different direction, you will lose the customer. Too much unnecessary noise will distract the customer from your most important products or services. Stick to what you do BEST. This will make you the go to company for that niche item.

Remember it is okay to minimize your offer list. Let the customers attention be pushed towards fewer options. This will give them more time to focus on what the product or service does and how it will benefit them to have it. Eliminate the excess variables in the equation. It will make it much easier to make sure that you are meeting the customers needs and wants.

You need to keep your brand in mind at all times. What is your company about? Are all your products and services in line with the brand you are trying to promote. You want customers to have a clear view of what you do and what you offer. Brand extension needs to be strategic. For example, Burger King added underwear to their product list, Paula Deen selling kid’s furniture, or Zippo lighters trying to add women’s perfume to their brand. None of these make sense, make sure that the products you are offering are limited to ones that make sense! Do not start offering all of these extra items. Stick to what your company is good at, keep the customer focused on your best products or services. Do not distract them with other unnecessary offers.

It is like going to a restaurant and opening a 5 page menu with way too many options. You feel overwhelmed. You start wondering that if they make everything, is anything actually good? You just want to close the menu and go somewhere simpler. Do not let your customers feel like this. Make those 8 seconds you get of their attention count.