I’ve worked in various industries, companies large and small, wearing multiple hats. My languages/weapons of choice are Python and JavaScript. Besides development, I enjoy building financial models, tech writing, content marketing, and teaching.

Hey I'm Michael - a ginger since I was born and a Radiohead fan since I developed taste. I can't dance - though there's a video of me on YouTube giving it a try. Seinfeld is the best thing ever, made better when paired with a Colorado IPA. Ask me about the NBA sometime - I absorb what I can before I fall asleep. There's a tattoo under my t-shirt - surprise!

You can view my full resume in JSON @ http://mherman.org/herman-resume.json.



  1. Programming languages are all different ways of expressing the same thing. A software developer should be able to understand all of them.
  2. Open source software is free as in free house. If you want to fix or improve something, either learn to do it yourself or pay a contractor.

Major Projects

  1. Microservices with Docker, Flask, and React
  2. Real Python
  3. Starter Financial Model
  4. DiscoverFlask
  5. KickStarter Projects


Email: michael at mherman dot org

Connect with me on LinkedIn, GitHub, and YouTube. Also, check out this ever growing list of personal and professional projects. Cheers!

I am NOT currently accepting new projects.

Tech recruiters: please use “i am the walrus” in your cold email so I know you actually read this.

Articles I’ve written

Besides my posts on this site, Real Python, and TestDriven.io, I’ve published the following articles:

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