Michael Herman

Software Developer

About Me

After freelancing for nearly six years, I am now (as of June 2015) a Lead Instructor at Galvanize. I’ve worked in various industries, companies large and small, wearing multiple hats. My languages/weapons of choice are Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. Besides development, I enjoy building financial models, tech writing, content marketing, and teaching.

Programming languages are all different ways of expressing the same thing. A software developer should be able to understand all of them.

Major Projects

  1. Real Python
  2. Starter Financial Model
  3. GoScrape
  4. DiscoverFlask
  5. KickStarter Projects


Email: michael at mherman dot org

Connect with me on LinkedIn, GitHub, and YouTube. Also, check out this ever growing list of personal and professional projects. Cheers!

I am NOT currently accepting new projects. Tech recruiters: please use “i am the walrus” in your cold email so I know you actually read this.


Articles I’ve written

Besides my posts on this site and Real Python, I’ve published the following articles:

Articles about me